Discover Marisa Peer’s 8 Powerful Life Hacks To Unleash Your Unlimited Potential, So You Can Excel in Every Area of Your Life

Experience the same breakthroughs that royal families, celebrities, athletes and high-powered executives use to be at the top of their game

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Transform every area of your life and shatter all feelings of disconnection, low self esteem and rejection. Exude self confidence, attract wealth and discover your life’s purpose.

Do you want to find purpose and significance in life? Do you want to create and maintain wealth? Do you want freedom from addictions, failure or self sabotage? Do you want to master your mind and unlock massive success?

 - Marisa Peer -

I Am Enough with Marisa Peer will give you the tools to…


your life’s purpose and live it with ambition, drive and extraordinary self-belief


your relationship with money and become and remain wealthy


the secrets of your mind to overcome limiting beliefs and blocking behaviors


and acquire the habits that successful people own and make them your own


optimum health, extend your lifespan and get the body you desire


and maintain an enviable, loving relationship for the rest of your life


that you’re enough until this powerful belief impacts everyone around you


a powerful, fulfilling sex life enjoying all the incredible benefits this brings


your cheerleader, so you always have phenomenal self-belief

There are only 3 things wrong with you and everyone else too.

Of the thousands of clients I have worked with, including celebrities, Royalty and Olympic Athletes, you may be surprised to learn that there are only three things wrong with everyone that you meet. Yup—only three.

It doesn’t matter what the initiating problem, behaviour, or issue is that a client brings to me. It doesn’t matter if they’re a billionaire, an

Olympian, a movie star, or a 9 to 5 office worker. I can quickly identify which of these three issues is disrupting their happiness.

You will learn how to transform your life based on these three issues that everyone struggles with.


About Marisa Peer

Creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Best Selling Author, Speaker and award winning Hypnotherapy Trainer

Named Britain’s best therapist by Tatler magazine, Marisa has spent nearly three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes. She has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues in as little as one session. After becoming known as the “Therapist’s Therapist” for getting results with clients that other Therapists gave up on, she pioneered her own method of Therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Marisa has helped thousands of people from all backgrounds and ages to overcome profound personal issues — from severe trauma and acute depression to troubled children and underachieving, unhappy teenagers.

Simple, effective steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results — that’s the Marisa Peer Method.

Tatler magazine featured her in its guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, and Men’s Health dubbed her a “great British pioneer” in her field. Marisa has also appeared on major media outlets including Sky News, ITV News, BBC News, and Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Fit Club, Supersize Super Skinny; and has contributed to publications such as The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Elle, Marie Claire, Men’s Fitness, The Guardian, and many others.

I Am Enough is based on the principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)™

You can experience rapid, transformational change for yourself. Each module comes with a powerful, rewiring audio that reprograms your mind for success in every key area of your life. 

Learn From the Best

Marisa is in demand to train Therapists all over the world in her powerful, results-driven method of RTT. Consequently she is less available to see clients and has created I Am Enough to give people the same results they could get from a session with her.

Rapid Transformation in just 35 minutes per day

Your results can be obvious and impressive from Day One.

I Am Enough: An 8-Part Program to Master Your Beliefs and Set You Up for Phenomenal Success

For the first time in 10 years since she developed the technique, Marisa Peer has created a complete and concise transformational program for I Am Enough. Delivered in 8 modules over 8 video and audio tracks, the program will give you the same reality-shifting, epiphanic effects experienced by her high-profile clients in person.

Designed to radically and permanently alter the key areas that impact your life. This includes your confidence levels, your purpose, your relationships, your career, creating wealth and abundance and enjoying a phenomenal sex life. I Am Enough is a brand new, cutting edge, exciting program that can change and redefine your life. After using this program, you can activate the abundance and potential that you desire.

Marisa does this using her own method of Therapy that she created, Rapid Transformational Therapy. This includes audio recordings that use specific and commanding language patterns that cause your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions and  adopt new, positive behaviour, while simultaneously deleting unwanted behaviours. Customers have said that the results are similar to having a private Therapy session with Marisa.

To activate this success, you need to go through each of the 8 video and audio modules as they are released every 2 weeks. As you reach each new module, you will experience breakthroughs through the insights in the video lessons, the PDF downloads, the rewiring audios and motivating insights that Marisa sends to your inbox. 

You will be guided in the most effective way to complete each module in the comfort of your home. As you apply the practices assigned by Marisa you will get superior results from theI Am Enough program.

“She blew us all away with her powerful talk”

“When Marisa spoke at Afest in May 2015, none of us were surprised when she won Best Speaker. She blew us all away with her powerful talk and it has been having an impact on our office ever since. Marisa is one of our favourite speakers and one of our most successful authors.”

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of Mindvalley

“She has a unique ability”

“Marisa Peer is a phenomenal speaker, she has a unique ability to simplify the complex teachings of how the brain works so that the audience immediately understand. It was an honour to have her speak at the New York and London Festival for WIE (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise).”

June Sarpong, MBE
Women: Inspiration & Enterprise

“Marisa gets to the root of the issue”

“Marisa’s work is profoundly effective. She gets to the root of (the issue) and liberates you from it’s vice-like grip.”

Multiple Award-Winning Artist

“She began moulding the field of hypnotherapy into something much greater than it had ever been”

“I can confirm her commitment, continuing evolution and specialized knowledge she has developed. She began moulding the field of hypnotherapy/psychotherapy into something much greater than it had ever been. Her brilliance goes far beyond her early instinctive recognition and integrates many of the most profound insights in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.”

Gil Boyne
CEO and Chairman Emeritus of Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles

“For the first time ever i can work with food and it does not rule me at all”

“Working with Marisa has helped me to change some deep rooted issues. I no longer use food to cope and I can finally become slim. I am amazed at how much food I am leaving; I can’t not finish food and I am indifferent to junk food which is such a buzz to me. For the first time ever I can work with food and it does not rule me at all.”

Steven Wallis
Chef and Winner of Masterchef 2007

“Astonishing positive results since implementing some of the strategies that Marisa suggested”

“I can honestly say that Marisa had my very demanding and clever audience totally engaged and fascinated throughout her presentation. But more importantly, they have reported back to me quite astonishing positive results since implementing some of the strategies that Marisa suggested — from shifts in their own self esteem to major breakthroughs with their children.”

Paula McArthur
Co-Founder of The Mastermind Agency

What You Will Learn In This Program




Life Purpose

So many people are unaware of their life’s purpose and thus miss out on the powerful feeling of significance and meaning they could have doing what they were meant to do. Everyone has a purpose and a unique skill set. In this module, Marisa shows you how to identify and understand your purpose and installs in you the ambition, drive and self belief to find and follow that purpose. Doing what you are meant to do and excelling at it, while living your life with meaning, purpose and significance.




Attracting & Maintaining Wealth

Many studies have shown that our limiting beliefs about money, wealth and abundance are formed in our childhood, often before we are five years old. These beliefs influence and block us throughout our lives until we subconsciously change them. Limiting financial beliefs not only block our ability to attract wealth, they also cause us to sabotage the attraction of wealth. This module alters your financial expectations and wealth limitations at a deep, subconscious level, so that you can finally attract and maintain wealth, abundance and a rich life.




The Secrets of Your Mind

We should be taught how to use and shape our mind for our benefit, instead, we are taught completely inaccurate facts about the mind that hamper our ability to direct it to deliver our desired outcome. People who appear to be gifted or have extraordinary luck in their lives, all share an ability to collaborate with their mind, in a way that gives them extraordinary results. Marisa will teach you how to collaborate and dialogue with your mind so that you too get extraordinary results, effortlessly. Your mind’s job is to do what it believes you want it to do. Your job is to dialogue with it using Marisa’s method that leaves no room for misinterpretation. Once you do this, everything in your life flows more easily.




The Secrets of Success & Successful People

People who have extraordinary success, also have particular habits for success that they were born with or learnt from others. Learning these same habits and using hypnosis to wire them into your behaviour can lead to the very same success. In this module, Marisa will show you how to wire the success habits and thought patterns that high achievers naturally have into your mind so that it feels natural to you and rapidly becomes intrinsically part of you. Once you’ve rewired your thinking, rather than envying successful people, you can become one of them.




Your Relationship With Your Body

Despite their best intention and continuous efforts, so many people struggle to live healthy lives, to have healthy bodies, to eat correctly and to take control of their wellbeing. This is because they are trying to make physical changes, when the only way to obtain lasting health and a body you love, is to make mental changes. In this module Marisa will reignite an effortless ability to respect your body by preferring healthy foods and receiving immense pleasure from exercise until it becomes a part of you. When you try to make external changes without first making internal changes, it is all hard work with limiting success. When the changes are internal, a healthy lifestyle is an automatic, lifelong choice instead of hard work and punishing routines.




Attracting & Maintaining a Loving Relationship

We all want the kind of love that completes us, however so many of us have unconscious beliefs that block us from having the loving relationship that we desire. Marisa shows you how to powerfully remove those blocks, then you will attract the right kind of loving relationship and not only that, you will maintain it for the rest of your life. This also benefits your relationships with friends, family and colleagues. If you are already in a loving relationship, it will make it so much better.




You Are Enough

What lies beneath so many of our issues including self sabotage, depression, anxiety, all addictions and destructive habits is a belief that we are not enough. Marisa gets to the root of this insidious limiting belief and removes it once and for all. Then Marisa installs within you an unshakeable certainty that you are enough. Once this happens, you are less likely to be rejected or diminished by critical people because of your increased self-worth and high self-esteem.




Having a Powerful Sex Life - All Your Life

Marisa will show you how you can powerfully transform your sex life. Marisa teaches you how you can easily become super orgasmic and how you can retain that throughout every stage of your relationship, regardless of your age, the length of your relationship or your previous sexual response. Orgasms, particularly for women, are incredibly anti-aging, they fight illness and depression, while increasing our bond with our partner.

How You Will Experience The Program

I Am Enough is hosted in a private membership area with a user-friendly learning experience. It's accessible on your desktop, tablet or smartphone so you can access your program wherever and whenever you like.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase I Am Enough:

  • Access to the complete I Am Enough online program designed to help you master your beliefs and set you up for phenomenal success. Yours for life!
  • 8 transformational cutting edge video teachings with Marisa Peer.
  • 8 regression sessions to uncover your fixed limiting beliefs and fixed habits of thought and action.
  • 8 transformational rewiring audio recordings with Marisa Peer to install powerful changes into you
  • 12 Months Exclusive Access to the I Am Enough Membership Facebook Community Group
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Downloadable Hackbook that you can print and follow offline wherever you are.
  • Frequent video reminders and insights directly from Marisa to guide you through the experiences you’ll be going through with each of the 8 modules.

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