By Britain’s acclaimed hypnotherapist and best therapist Marisa Peer...

Master Your Confidence Using A Transformational Practice That Will Embed The Three Most Powerful Words Into Your Mind To Liberate Your Greatest Self

Experience the same identity breakthrough that Royal families, celebrities, athletes and high-powered executives use to be at the top of their game

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"There is a simple yet transformational system that I’ve been using on my clients, my family and my friends for over 10 years. The repetition of a specific three-word phrase — once you fully understand its power — over and over, both out loud and in your head, will eventually make it difficult for your mind to object to it."

People often ask me — who is this system for? Why should they do it?

I tell them that it’s for people who want to find purpose and significance in life. People who seek loving and healthy relationships. Who want to treat their bodies better. Who want to attract, create and maintain wealth. Who want to overcome addictions failure or self sabotage, Who want to master their mind. Who want to unlock the success that they feel so held back from, and who want to have the freedom to be themselves.

In short – this is for anybody who wants to improve their life.

Every client that walks into my practice, no matter what the issue they believe they’re facing — behind that issue is a lack of true inner confidence and self-worth.

And it all narrows down to the most common ‘disease’ affecting humanity today...


 - Marisa Peer -

The Common Denominator of All Our Problems Is That We Don’t Believe That We’re Enough

These “three most important words” I've been mentioning are not what you think. They're simple, yet difficult to truly believe.

But I'll leave it up to you to decide that.

Can you truthfully declare, out loud, to yourself the words, “I AM ENOUGH,” and genuinely believe it?

If you fully do, then you are of the rare percentage of individuals who are content, complete and secure with who they are.

But what I’ve discovered in my 25 years as a therapist is that the root of so many modern problems — whether it’s volatile relationships, hoarding, excessive drinking, compulsive shopping, overeating, perfectionism and low self worth — come right back to a need to fill the inner emptiness with external validation or escapism… all because they don’t feel enough.


The 1 Thing You Need to Know About
Your Mind That Will Change Your Life


In my career I was always told that the mind is complicated, and that it would take a lifetime just to attempt to master it. But I decided not to believe that.

The truth is, once you realise that there are three key things that you need to know about your brain, everything you perceive and believe becomes much less complicated.

I expand on these three things in one of the lessons I include with the program I introduce below, but here’s one key insight from the technique:

The way you feel about any event and the way your mind responds is the result of just two things: the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.


Your mind doesn’t care if what you say or imagine is right or wrong,
good or bad, or healthy or unhealthy…


Every thought you have - every word you say - creates a physical reaction and an emotional response in your body. This is why praise from your own self is far more effective than praise from others and will massively boost your self-esteem.

You have a brilliant brain. You also have a responsibility to program your mind and be accountable for what you believe in, even if that means forcing yourself to believe in something that your upbringing, your past and your experiences may work so hard to resist.

Yes, I am asking you to “lie, cheat and trick” your brain. And I’m going to teach you how

I’ve used this technique on award-winning Hollywood actors who are struggling with weight and trust. I've used it with an actors, singers, Olympic athletes and TV presenters who struggled with depression. I've used it on “otherwise skeptical” audiences at the corporate conferences I’ve spoken at. I even taught it to my teenage daughter, who in turn shared it to help her friends.

All of these instances resulted in phenomenal transformation all because people started to believe and accept that they are truly enough; enough for themselves AND for others, enough to live a life they're proud of, and enough to be happy moment to moment. This is how I hope to change people and help the world — by challenging them at the core and making them truly believe it and feel it when they declare “I Am Enough”.


I Am Enough: An 8-Part Program to Master Your Beliefs
and Set You Up for Phenomenal Success


For the first time in 10 years since she developed the technique, Marisa Peer has created a complete and concise transformational program for I Am Enough. Delivered in 8 modules over 8 video and audio tracks, the program will give you the same reality-shifting, epiphanic effects experienced by her high-profile clients in person.

Designed to strategically and permanently alter your key areas including your confidence, purpose, relationships, career, wealth, and even your sex life— whether you have or haven't resolved any of those areas respectively, I Am Enough is an all-encompassing program and philosophy that will challenge and redefine your entire life, so you can liberate the abundance and potential that you so desire and deserve.
Marisa does this using what she calls Transformational Therapy — an audio recording that uses specific language patterns that cause your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions and produce similar effects as a private therapy session with Marisa.
All you need to do is go through each of the 8 video and audio modules as they are released every 2 weeks. By the time you reach each new module, you'll have unlocked a new paradigm for your life through the video lessons, PDF downloads, exercises, and daily video insights that Marisa sends you along the way. 
Complete each of these modules in the private comfort of your home or wherever you choose, and apply the practices assigned by Marisa to get the most from the I Am Enough program.

About Marisa Peer
Hypnotherapist, Author & Speaker

Simple, effective steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results — that’s the non-negotiable approach taken by Marisa Peer. 

She began her career as a child psychologist, and later earned her qualifications as a hypnotherapist from the Hypnosis Training Institute of Los Angeles and the Pritikin Longevity Centre.
Today she is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and leading therapist and hypnotherapist. She’s spent nearly three decades treating and working with a diverse clientele that includes film stars, Olympic athletes, members of royal families, TV personalities and high-achieving CEOs. 
She is also known for her honest, straightforward and engaging talks, where she often shares anecdotes from her experience of helping thousands of people from all backgrounds and ages to overcome profound personal issues — from confidence and anxiety to weight loss and relationships. 

Tatler magazine featured her in its guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, and Men’s Health dubbed her a “great British pioneer” in her field. Marisa has also appeared on major media outlets including Sky News, ITV News, BBC News, and Celebrity Big Brother; and has contributed to publications such as The Daily MailElleMarie ClaireMen’s FitnessThe Guardian, and many others.


“She blew us all away with her powerful talk”

“When Marisa spoke at Afest in May 2015, none of us were surprised when she won Best Speaker. She blew us all away with her powerful talk and it has been having an impact on our office ever since. Marisa is one of our favourite speakers and one of our most successful authors.”

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of Mindvalley

“She has a unique ability”

“Marisa Peer is a phenomenal speaker, she has a unique ability to simplify the complex teachings of how the brain works so that the audience immediately understand. It was an honour to have her speak at the New York and London Festival for WIE (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise).”

June Sarpong, MBE
Women: Inspiration & Enterprise

“Marisa gets to the root of the issue”

“Marisa’s work is profoundly effective. She gets to the root of (the issue) and liberates you from it’s vice-like grip.”

Multiple Award-Winning Artist

“She began moulding the field of hypnotherapy into something much greater than it had ever been”

“I can confirm her commitment, continuing evolution and specialized knowledge she has developed. She began moulding the field of hypnotherapy/psychotherapy into something much greater than it had ever been. Her brilliance goes far beyond her early instinctive recognition and integrates many of the most profound insights in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.”

Gil Boyne
CEO and Chairman Emeritus of Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles

“For the first time ever i can work with food and it does not rule me at all”

“Working with Marisa has helped me to change some deep rooted issues. I no longer use food to cope and I can finally become slim. I am amazed at how much food I am leaving; I can’t not finish food and I am indifferent to junk food which is such a buzz to me. For the first time ever I can work with food and it does not rule me at all.”

Steven Wallis
Chef and Winner of Masterchef 2007

“Astonishing positive results since implementing some of the strategies that Marisa suggested”

“I can honestly say that Marisa had my very demanding and clever audience totally engaged and fascinated throughout her presentation. But more importantly, they have reported back to me quite astonishing positive results since implementing some of the strategies that Marisa suggested — from shifts in their own self esteem to major breakthroughs with their children.”

Paula McArthur
Co-Founder of The Mastermind Agency

Transformations Reported by People Who’ve Experienced
Marisa Peer’s I Am Enough Technique

  • Identify and understand your purpose so that you achieve significance in life
  • Ignite the drive and confidence you need to live the life doing what you’re meant to do
  • Harness your love for yourself so that you can attract positive relationships
  • Grow and maintain loving relationships with others
  • Rewire your beliefs around money so that you become a wealth magnet
  • Redefine your associations and attitudes around food so that you can easily create healthy eating habits and resist bad ones
  • Truly enjoy exercise as a way to celebrate and respect your body so that working out doesn’t become a chore
  • Maintain a healthy and productive dialogue in your mind to make your thoughts your most supportive ally
  • Boost your self-esteem and harness your inner confidence
  • Easily welcome praise (from yourself and from others) and deflect criticism
  • Thrive in your relationships, career and social environments by being comfortable with living from your truth — strengths, flaws, and all

What You’ll Learn In The Program




Life Purpose

We all come into the world with something we are meant to do. We are all born with a unique skill set and with a gift and talent for something that we can do better than anyone else. When we find our purpose and then follow our purpose we feel good about ourselves because our life has purpose and we have meaning and a reason for being on the planet.

So many coaches and therapists report that their clients’ number one issue is that they cannot identify their purpose. Your purpose defines who you are and when you can identify, follow and live your purpose you will have happiness, inner peace and success.

Living with purpose is the path to a fulfilled and authentic life — the key to making you feel truly alive, giving you clarity, creating connections that empower you, and giving you a high sense of meaning in everything you do. It lets you know where you stand in the world, how you can contribute, and ultimately it gives you significance.

In this module, Marisa will set into motion what you need to identify and understand your purpose and help you ignite the drive, ambition and confidence you need to begin living your life, doing what you are meant to do and excelling at it.




Attracting & Maintaining Wealth

Our subconscious beliefs about money powerfully influence our relationship with money. People who have never had money or who fear losing money continue these early money patterns often throughout their life. We are all exposed to the financial examples, money beliefs and definitions that were shown to us and taught to us by our family, our community and the company we grew up with.

Many studies have now shown that our beliefs about money are shaped in our childhood and influence us for the rest of our lives unless we consciously change them.

Some of us view wealth as a positive motivation to grow, create, build and give back; while others have a negative belief system about wealth believing it’s not available to us, it’s impossible to achieve and wealthy people aren’t moral.

Others struggle with feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and fear and never seem to make enough money or are able to hold onto it. Many have a belief that wealth is not available to me which must change and will change in this session.

This module is designed to alter your perspectives at a deep, subconscious level so that you can attract and maintain wealth. Once you change your beliefs to ‘I can earn this and I deserve it and I am worth it’ while simultaneously letting go of the shame or guilt or fear at a deep, subconscious level, you will be free of your money blocks and able to live a more abundant life, not only benefiting yourself but so many others too.




The Secrets of Your Mind

Mastering one's mind is perhaps the most challenging accomplishment of all.

Not only is it absolutely possible, it’s also very straightforward when you know how. Conventional psychiatrists would have you believe that your mind is very complex and that it takes a lifetime to understand and master. In fact, you only need to understand and put into practice three key factors about the workings of your own your mind and the mind of everyone else in order to get what you want in your life.

We spend so long and we work so hard trying to change our habits and our behaviours when, in fact, the only thing we really need to change is our mindset and it doesn’t require a lot of work to have our mind work for us instead of against us.

In this module, Marisa will teach you how to collaborate with your own mind so that you maintain a healthy and productive dialogue with yourself and your mind becomes your best friend, your cheerleader and your most supportive ally and coach.




The Secrets of Success & Successful People

People who have success in their career and in every aspect of their life think and act differently to those who strive for that same success but either never get it or sabotage it. When you acquire the thought, habits and beliefs of success magnets, you will also acquire success.

Acquiring these changes is easier than you might think. They are not enormous changes - they are simply five identifiable habits that you can easily adopt and make your own. While it is true that many success magnets are born with these habits, it is also true that when you embrace them and make them your own it begins to feel as if you too were born with them.

The most effective way to attract and own success is to understand and adopt the success habits and thought patterns that high achievers have naturally, so that it becomes natural to you.

In this module, Marisa will show you how to wire these systems into your mind so that this becomes intrinsically part of you, as opposed to feeling like a heavy task or challenge that you have to make yourself complete.




Your Relationship With Your Body

Our relationship with food extends beyond physical sustenance — it is also mental and emotional. How we feel about ourselves directly impacts how we treat our body, both in the food we put into it and how we take care of it.

People who respect themselves respect their bodies.

They eat better and they exercise. The opposite of this, of course, is disregarding our body, eating junk and never taking exercise.

We are all born loving our bodies, feeling completely comfortable with them and with such a normal, healthy attitude to food that we take whatever we need and then stop without any consideration of guilt or waste or deprivation. This is a normal state that you can reclaim and reactivate using this module.

Healthy eating and enjoying movement have become a psychological struggle and a massive guilt trip. We now see food as a reward or as punishment. We see our body as something that has to be punished or forced into submission.

This module will reignite an effortless desire to respect your body by genuinely preferring healthy foods and receiving immense pleasure from exercise. This is not work. It simply becomes a part of you so that you are never again ruled by what you should or shouldn’t eat and are free to say no or yes to anything without feeling bad.




Attracting & Maintaining a Loving Relationship

The most powerful need we are born with is connection. We all need to give and receive love and, while we can live without love, in doing so we miss out on life's most rewarding experiences, the amazing lessons that come from connecting to and with other people and the opportunity to grow individually and collectively.

Studies show that it is our relationships with other people that make us truly happy. Yet so many of us find it difficult to attract and maintain love and so many mistakes are made being in the wrong relationship. This is because inside we don’t believe we are lovable enough. We don’t believe we are worthy of the time and investment from the kind of person we would like to be with. The most important step and really the only step required to attract love is to know that you are lovable, to radiate out that knowing at a level where other people pick it up. Until we do this, we will attract the wrong people and stay in the wrong relationships or live our life without the relationship we want.

In this module, Marisa shows you how to powerfully transform your unconscious beliefs about love and about how lovable you are. Once this happens, you will attract the right kind of love and the right kind of relationship into your life, one that completes you, and you will be able to grow and maintain a wonderful, loving relationship for the rest of your life.




You Are Enough

Marisa discovered early on in her practice that the common denominator of most of her clients’ issues boiled down to the fact they they identified themselves as not enough. They believed they were not attractive enough, interesting enough, intelligent enough, smart enough, successful enough or simply not good enough. This inner belief ‘I am not enough’ was driving so many issues, including overeating, alcoholism, compulsive spending, hoarding, being a workaholic and numerous phobias and addictions.

We all need to find connection and avoid rejection, which is very hard to do when you think you are not enough, because then you are wired to connect with other people who think they are not enough and to try to change them instead of yourself. We like people who are like us and the basis of all friendships is that we choose people who share our vulnerabilities.

When you believe, accept and truly experience the truth that you are enough you cannot be rejected or diminished because you are incomparably and holistically able to radiate and live life as you, rather than compare yourself to everybody else.

In this final module, Marisa combines the foundational elements of the entire program to work with your trained mind to boost your self-esteem and harness your inner confidence, allowing you to be adept at self-praise and criticism deflection, able to thrive in every area of your life and able to pass on the vital transforming message ‘I am enough’ to your children, friends and loved ones.




Having a Powerful Sex Life – All Your Life

Numerous studies have proven the powerful health benefits from having a positive sex life and regular orgasms because this releases powerful, feel-good hormones that have an anti-aging effect and that boost your immune system. It also has an antidepressant effect and produces other hormones that both prevent and fight illness. The anti-aging benefits of orgasms and a frequent happy sex life will keep you vibrant, lively and looking young. A happy, healthy sex life also promotes trust, empathy, bonding and affection and makes Oxytocin, the feel good hormone...

Sexual empowerment doesn't just keep an intimate relationship alive — it is actually a healthy and vital source to creating true connection, deep bonding, inner confidence and even overall well-being.

This module will show you how you can transform your sex life, how you can become more orgasmic and how you can keep that going at any stage in your relationship, regardless of your age, the length of your relationship or your previous sexual response.

How You’ll Experience The Program

I Am Enough is hosted in a private membership area with a user-friendly learning experience. It's accessible on your desktop, tablet or smartphone so you can maintain your exercises and access your program wherever and whenever you like.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase I Am Enough:

  • Complete I Am Enough membership access designed to help you master your beliefs and set you up for phenomenal success
  • 8 transformational hypnotherapy video lessons from Marisa Peer
  • 8 transformational audio recordings by Marisa Peer
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to a private community of students to share your journey, join discussions, and learn together
  • Downloadable PDFs that you can print and follow offline wherever you are
  • Daily video reminders and insights directly from Marisa to guide you through the experiences you’ll be going through with each of the 8 modules

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